Bank Of Maharashtra Promotion Exam Clerk To Officer

[BOM] Bank Of Maharashtra has come up with Promotion Exam for Clerks.  This exam is for the Promotion of Clerk To Officer Scale 1.

We have designed the [BOM] Bank Of Maharashtra promotion exam for Clerk to Officer as per the syllabus of the [BOM] Bank Of Maharashtra. This promotional course is specially designed for the [BOM] Bank Of Maharashtra promotion exam.

Please Note: This is an Online Course in which Video are Already Recorded, so it could be watched at any time as per your choice. You will be provided with Username and Password to Access the Course.

The contents for the promotion exam date we are offering are given below.
1. Video Lecture Course as per Syllabus
2. Internal Circulars + Other Internal Videos
3. Question Answer Discussion Videos
4. Notes [pdf]
5. 3000 set of Question Bank
6. 20 Mock Tests

Price: Rs 2000 for 6 Months Validity

Price: Rs 3000 for Lifelong Validity

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